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In 1881, renowned pharmacist, Théophile LeClerc, opened his pharmacy in the prestigious heart of Paris, near Place de la Madeleine. Born into a family of painters and artists, he also became a lover of art and beauty, using the basement of his pharmacy to create his various preparations. It was in this way that he created a rice powder of exceptional lightness and finesse: the T.LeClerc powder was born. This powder was an immediate hit with the elegant women of Paris in the Belle Epoque, speaking its praise. The T.LeClerc brand now offers 30 powder shades. Many make-up professionals, actresses and top models use this rice powder with its perfect hold, extreme finesse and true matifying capacity. It is crossing borders with its growing success. T.LeClerc products are now available worldwide, from Europe to Asia and America. The T.LeClerc spirit and tradition live on through its legendary retro vintage silver powder box. bas-mythique


Scott DuncanSince 2007 Scott Duncan, the founder of Medusa Apothecary and Medusa Cosmetics distribution company, has championed the brand, making it more accessible here in the UK.

For Scott, the classic elegance of T LeClerc and its high performance formulas is unrivalled, indeed few cosmetic brands offer such a comprehensive choice of colours as this one does, from its legendary face powders to glossy nail enamels.

“I fell in love with the traditional French elegance and formulations of T LeClerc. I’d previously worked with a few department store brands and couldn’t find that missing special something which T LeClerc has. I started working with T LeClerc just after I opened our Dorchester store in 2007¬†. Once we had been selling the range for a couple of years, the distributor decided to focus solely on fragrances here, so there was a missing link in the supply chain.

Rather than disappoint our dedicated customers and face a full riot in our store, we suggested to T LeClerc Paris that we start distribution and take care of the brand in the UK. They liked the idea so I travelled to Paris one foggy December morning to meet with the T LeClerc team, and after a three hour meeting to discuss our strategies and their forthcoming product collections, I came back to Blighty with a bag full of their cosmetics. It was so quick I didn’t even have a chance to eat a croissant! I think our sheer passion for the brand won T LeClerc over and we haven’t looked back!”

Scott Duncan
UK Brand Guardian

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